Distribution Reservations Center

Reservations Center

When J.D. Power and Associates® ranks you #1 in Reservation Satisfaction 2010 & 2011, you know you’re doing something right. And that’s supported by a conversion rate of 50.6% (2012)—one of the highest in the industry. It comes as no surprise. Our Red Roof-owned and operated reservations center (800.Red.Roof) is designed with the customer in mind. Our reservations system features “search & find” functionality to meet a guest’s need for location and property type so booking is quick and efficient, with minimal screens to navigate and minimum booking time. We offer a RediCard members-only line to further reward our loyal customers.

Call Forwarding Solution

Reservations Call Transfer

Red Roof offers a reservations call solution that seamlessly transfers call from your front office to our professionally trained reservation agents. The front desk can focus on customer care, while the property experiences higher conversion rates and increased ADRs.