Leave Frustration Behind On Your Next Road Trip With These Five Expert Tips

Summer is here and there’s no better time to hit the road for a sweet getaway! Beginning with the Fourth of July Weekend, this summer has been and will continue to be a blockbuster for travel, with more than 44 million Americans taking part, the most in the history of AAA’s forecasts[1]. Car travel specifically is soaring to new heights with the national gas average at a historically low $2.28 per gallon during the summer season[2]. So get out there and don’t miss out on the fun! Here are five quick tips for making the most of your summer road trip.

  • Loyalty pays: Staying at hotels doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when you enroll in hotel loyalty programs that earn you free nights, discounts and special perks. Red Roof’s RediCard Rewards is the richest loyalty program in the industry, giving members free nights, discounts on room rates, advance notice of special offers and free water bottles at check-in—and there’s no cost to join the program or annual fees. As a special bonus this summer, RediCard members can earn entries into the RediRewards Sweepstakes, where Red Roof is giving away a big ticket item every day of the summer. Prizes include lucrative gift cards, high-tech cameras, pulse-pounding speakers, high-definition televisions and more.
  • Kiss traffic goodbye: There’s no road trip buzzkill like running into bumper-to-bumper traffic, but technology helps you pilot around the worst of it—and miss it entirely in some cases! Have your co-pilot download the Waze app, which uses real-time driver feedback to help you take the road less traveled every time and spend more time enjoying your vacation instead of looking at brake lights.
  • Go with the flow for booking: Forget all you’ve heard about the need to book ahead of time! With the right tools, you get out there without any planning and let the road take you where it does, stopping whenever you feel like it instead of being confined to a predetermined schedule. The newly designed redroof.com’s Along-a-Route feature uses patent-pending technology to suggest hotels directly along your car’s route, not out of the way or behind you. All you need is a smart phone and some wanderlust and Red Roof will figure out your accommodations on the fly so you don’t have to.
  • Keep your eye on the sky: Weather can catch even the most experienced road warriors off guard, so make sure to arm yourself with resources to stay vigilant of Mother Nature. Passengers can download the WeatherBug app for accurate forecasts and severe weather warnings and the AccuWeather.com MinuteCast feature keeps you informed on up-to-the-minute forecast information.
  • You don’t have to leave furry friends behind: What fun would a trip be if you have to leave your favorite pal back at the ranch? Pet owners have allies along to the way to make sure that Fido can tag along on road trips. At Red Roof, pets stay free with absolutely no hidden fees, including cleaning. In some cases, travelers can even find discounts when they bring their pets along. Red Roof is pet-friendly so your vacation can be pet-friendly too.

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