Designed and Built for Success
Whether you build or retrofit a property, the Red Roof® development team is an extension of your team. They’ll be there every step of the way.

Find the optimal solution to revive or reposition your property for future success. Our approach to design and construction gives properties an updated image, a level of standard that exceeds guests’ expectations, and competitive offerings that could increase ADRs and improve property performance.

Achieve the best of both worlds with our designs: They’re cost-effective and easy to implement, and they provide give guests the comfortable, elegant value they expect. We have over 45 years of experience in building, maintaining, and renovating hotels, and it’s seen in each project we complete.

Franchisee Success

John Parent had a 20-year history with another hotel brand before coming to Red Roof. His Red Roof PLUS+® in upstate New York is a testament to how well Red Roof’s Franchise Development and Design & Construction teams work together to achieve franchisees’ goals.



NextGen® prototype design elements are flexible enough to fit virtually any property for renovation or conversion upgrades. They were designed with guest input, and tested extensively before introduction. We work closely on each project to determine the approach that’s best for success.

New Builds

Red Roof® prototypes are easy to build and maintain, and they offer guests the modern, fresh setting they expect from more expensive hotels. Our team works with developers and architects to customize the plan for each location.