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Red Roof introduces RIDE with Red Roof, a new initiative that aims to expand and further diversify hotel ownership and entrepreneurial opportunities for women and underrepresented groups by focusing on the business needs of entrepreneurs, providing access to capital, educational resources, and the connections needed to build a strong network of industry partners.

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“The creation of RIDE was really about making a company-wide concerted effort to do the right thing.  It’s not just with people that want to buy and build hotels, but also the people that want to serve the hoteliers as well, meaning our vendor relationships. Now is the time to do it, and it should be the time for everyone.”

- Matthew Hostetler, Chief Development Officer

“We would like to see the number of minority owners increasing every year. The strategic plan is to diversify and get more and more diverse ownership with Black and Latino young professionals.”

- Lina Patel, Director, Strategic Franchise Initiatives, Red Roof

and former AAHOA Board Member


1     Access to Capital 

Access to capital is imperative to a successful start in entrepreneurship.  RIDE aims to connect hoteliers with likeminded lenders and reduce barriers for those seeking funding.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, fostering diversity and inclusion is not only a moral imperative but a strategic advantage. One crucial facet of the Red Roof RIDE mission is ensuring equitable access to capital for individuals from diverse backgrounds who aspire to enter and excel within our industry.


By dismantling financial barriers and promoting inclusive lending practices, we empower a broader spectrum of talent to contribute their unique perspectives, ideas, and entrepreneurial spirit. This commitment to equitable access to capital not only strengthens the foundations of our industry but also drives innovation, enriches guest experiences, and advances our collective success in a rapidly changing world.


To diversify and expand hotel ownership opportunities to women and underrepresented groups by providing access to the network, educational resources, capital, and industry vendor partners.


“The educational resources and networking provided by Red Roof and RIDE were crucial to the success of the hotel’s conversion. Jennifer and Lina worked with me at each step of the process, from understanding the requirements of changing brands to preparing the hotel for a product improvement plan, and were always available to answer my questions throughout the transition.”


- Kalpana Patel, Owner of Red Roof Inn Richland, MS

1st Red Roof exclusively owned by women

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