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Streamlined Technology. Shared Success.
Red Roof® systems and solutions support franchisees to make operations as easy and seamless as possible. 

All rate, availability and reservation activity is kept in sync with a fully integrated database housing our contact center,, OTA connections, and property bookings. Customer information data is consistent across all channels—whether they’re viewing it on our website, or an agent is viewing it in the call center.

Our integration efforts have been recognized, too: Red Roof won the Visionary Award from Hospitality Technology magazine for outstanding achievement, vision and leadership in technological innovation. We were selected as an Infrastructure/Back-Office Technology Innovator for the overhaul of our legacy-interfaced environment. 

The solution was a convergence of PMS and CRS technologies into one system. By partnering with Sabre Hospitality Solutions, Red Roof successfully deployed the RediStay PMS, a cloud-based platform that centralizes group sales, interfaces to the website and call center agents and GDS/OTAs, and completes back-office accounting with centralized accounts receivable.


Implemented system-wide in 2011, RediStay® is a state-of-the-art property management system that’s user-friendly and cost-efficient. As a web-based system, RediStay® is also faster and requires little training.

And our 24-hour help desk supports every Red Roof location with a sophisticated problem-tracking system to ensure all problems are resolved promptly. Emergencies needing immediate attention are escalated.


Focused IT Support
With an industry-leading consolidated, cloud-based platform, the entire Red Roof system and every franchisee benefits from a smooth, dependable database—which is critical to our success in a competitive environment. 

With one streamlined source, information is never lost or incorrect, and all data is securely stored, accessible from any device, and updated in one place. Franchisees get reliable information immediately, whether it’s reservations or loyalty information sent from one property to another, or a reservation being made online through a travel site like Expedia.

It’s simpler, makes our system stronger and more secure, and makes it easier for franchisees to deliver guests the attentive, tailored service they expect from Red Roof.

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