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Hotel Conversion

Enjoy Easy, Cost-Effective Conversions

Your existing property is a few simple steps away from success with the Red Roof® brand.

Want to take your property to the next level with Red Roof? Our innovative design elements are flexible enough to renovate, convert, and upgrade virtually any property. Buildings can be wood frame, CMU, or concrete, and our adaptable, easy-to-use amenities make your conversion to Red Roof simple and cost effective.

Our requirements are simple: Properties need to meet minimum brand standards in public areas and guest rooms, and the exterior must incorporate Red Roof colors, logo, and signage.


NextGen® Redesign

To keep guests impressed, and make sure our brand stays at the top of the economy segment, we always aim to exceed expectations. To add more amenities guests wanted—like enhanced technology and comforts of home—we implemented our NextGen® redesign brand-wide. As owner-operators, we tested every aspect of our renovation plan to fully assess guest experiences before implementing it system-wide. The results?

  • Red Roof ranked #1 in online reviews (TripAdvisor 2021).

  • Intent to return scores for NextGen® properties was 72.9%, up 15.4% (Market Metrix).


NextGen® design elements are included in property improvement plans for all hotels.

Red Roof

In 2014 we introduced Red Roof PLUS+, an upgraded offering based on the success of NextGen renovations, and promised guests the brand will be “Adding More WOW to Your Stay®”.

For franchisees, this is the opportunity to participate in a brand enhancement that competes with the mid-scale sector. It’s a natural next step to building business, and it shows:  there are now over 70 Red Roof PLUS+ locations and growing. It’s a tested, proven formula that yields great results for property renovations. Ready to take your hotel to the next level?

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